Brexit Info for our EU Customers

On the 1st January 2021 the UK left the EU. In accordance with the deal, EU customers purchasing from our online shop will no longer be charged UK VAT (20% rate). Instead, they will be charged the relevant VAT / tax (duty) on the goods when they arrive at their destination. We anticipate that orders may take a little longer to arrive for the initial few weeks but, rest assured, all will be working smoothly again in no time at all. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Brexit has been a long drawn out affair and was finalised at the deadline, very close to the Christmas and New Year holidays. And as the Brexit transition only started proper on 1st Jan 21 there are, understandably, a few unavoidable delays with packages from the UK crossing into Europe. But just to put you at ease and give you a little more information:

  • The UK left the EU with a tariff free deal.
  • This means, as we make all our yarns and tops at our Mill in Devon (within the UK), there will be no additional tariffs to pay on orders from us.
  • We have removed VAT from all relevant goods on our website for European customers – UK VAT / tax (duty) is 20%, so the relevant products are now 20% cheaper than they were last year when you purchase from our website.
  • Instead of paying our UK VAT when purchasing, customers are now required to pay the relevant VAT / tax (duty) in their own countries on goods bought from us after the package has been shipped, but prior to delivery. This will be charged at the VAT rate used in customer’s own countries, so may be a little more or less than 20%… For example VAT is 19% in Germany, 20% in France and 22% in Italy.

We hope this will answer any questions you may have regarding Brexit and the logistics of getting our scrumptious woolly wares to you. If you have any queries or worries please do just email us.

Email: [email protected]

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