Appledore Brew – Yarn Special

£10.00 - £17.50 per skein

Martha and Tash work upstairs as part of the JAT finishing crew (helmed by Daisy). They spend their days coning and skeining and putting the last finishing touches on your yarn. This pair aren’t afraid of colour, they are always the best dressed at any JAT event, complete with tie-dye overalls and gold cowboy boots no less! As you can see from the vibrant, playful shades they’ve put together for the Appledore range, they have given us a real pop of colour.

Sugar Bush – For all the pink lovers out there, Sugar Bush gives you a hit of bright magenta with a heathered mix of blues and purples.
Oaken Pin – A gorgeously subtle shade that mixes blues, pinks, greys and yellows, Oaken Pin is a gorgeous neutral with a pop of rainbow pastel brights!
Sour Bay – Almost daffodil, almost mustard, this bright but wearable shade blends greens with orange and yellow to create a beauty of a colour that’s hard to pin down.

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Meterage lace - 275m per 50g / DK - 250m per 100g
Composition 40% Devon Closewool / 40% Romney / 20% Exmoor Blueface
Gauge lace 35-22 sts / DK 16-24 sts
Needle Lace 1.75-5mm / DK 3.5-5mm

More Info

Introducing our Brewed by the Mill Folk specials! These stonkers were hand-selected and blended (and spun of course) by our talented team at the Mill. Everyone had a go at making a shade this time, and cor blimey have they whipped up some doozies! We’ve got three shades available across each weight in AppledoreDevoniaHarvest Hues and Yarnadelic so whatever your fave base, we’ve got you covered.

These stonking shades were made to celebrate our Mill Open Weekend. Now you know we like to make a bit of a celebration out of these things, so we created a whopping 12 (!) limited edition tops & yarn specials available on both our website and with a selection of our stockists whilst supplies last.

Thank you kindly for joining in with our virtual bash and for making it possible for us to wake up every morning and do what we love!