Coleoptera Silk Blend – Limited Edition Tops


We love a proper woolly wool here at the Mill, but every so often, a wee bit of luxury fibre gets our hearts a’ racing and our needles and hooks twitching.

Behold our limited edition Coleoptera Collection, a beauty which combines local, British breeds, with a hint of silk. Aren’t we fancy? Adding a dash of silk to any blend always makes it feel luxurious as it add not only softness and strength, but also that magic glimmer which really makes the shades sparkle. This time we’ve decided to give our local breeds Devon Closewool, Bluefaced Leicester, Exmoor Blueface and Romney the star treatment and add a bit of silk sparkle, to celebrate them like they deserve.

Composition: 10% A1 Mulberry Silk / 90% British Wool (Exmoor Blueface, Bluefaced Leicester, Devon Closewool & Romney)

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And when it came to naming these beauties that hint of shimmer and shine from the silk really mimics the yarn’s namesakes and their iridescent wings. Coleoptera is the Latin word for beetle, which is why we’ve chosen it for these shiny but sturdy yarns.

Tiger Beetle – This is our heavenly purple-pink shade, which, when you take a closer look, is made up of blues, pinks, burgundy, black and even has a golden hint of yellow. The colours looked just like the wing casings of a Tiger Beetle. (Fun Fact – Tiger Beetles are so named for their predatory hunting style! eek – jolly lucky we’re too large to become prey!)

Tansy Beetle – This emerald wonder is just stunning. We can’t get enough of the shifting shades of green within one skein, and if you’ve ever seen a pic of a Tansy Beetle, you’ll understand why we landed on that name. Tansy Beetles are named after their chosen food – Tansy flowers, and their shining, bottle green wings are a sight to behold against those bright yellow blooms.