Embroidery on Knits by Judit Gummlich

£38.00 per copy

This breathtakingly gorgeous book is an in-depth guide and source of inspiration for embroidering with and on wool.

Judit Gummlich is a multi-talented crafter and her book is a complete hand hold and creative journey into the world of embroidery. We were completely thrilled that Judit used some of our yarn in her wonderful projects within this book, so we knew we needed to stock it for you lovely folks. With this book and the 18 embroidery templates featured in it, it gives you the opportunity to customise and repair your clothing and accessories, giving them extra love to keep them for years to come. Turn your grandpa’s old cardigan into a statement piece or add thoughtful details to your next project.

Judit Gummlich is a multi-talented crafter who has worked in theatre costume departments for more than 20 years. She is a passionate knitter, gardener, beekeeper and nature lover. Judit lives with her husband, bees and two cats in Hamburg, Germany.

Photo credit – Judit Gummlich, Simone Hawlisch and Laine Publishing

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