KBN 150g Gradient Set


Each hue of our Knit by Numbers is available in six different shades from light to dark, this makes the yarn perfect for gradient projects. To help you navigate our website, we’ve put together some packs of full gradient sets for you. As well as 150g of yarn in the gradient of your choice, we’ll also include a fab project bag for you to keep it in.

Knit by Numbers is 100% organically farmed Falklands Merino in double knit and 4ply (in both 100g skeins and 25g minis) across 109 shades. The innovative colour palette aims to provide the precise shade required.

  • 4ply skeins are 100m per 25g / 600m per 150g Gradient Set
  • DK skeins are 62m per 25g / 372m per 150g Gradient Set

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