Spinning Gauge from Fay of Provenance Craft Co


To celebrate our Mill Open Weekend shenanigans, Fay Dashper-Hughes, the owner of Provenance Craft Co and crochet designer extraordinaire, has created this fabulous spinning gauge as a wee treat for you spinners and makers out there.

Use this handy tool to keep track of your WPI and get a better idea of whether your gauge is on point. Made by Fay, you can guarantee its impeccable quality and standards. Plus, Fay has also included our ‘Down the Allotment’ special logo!

You just pop your yarn through the small hole and then wrap it around the cut-out area.  The cut out is 1 inch wide.  You count every full wrap that you make in the 1 inch cut out, keeping your yarn wraps butted up against each other and under the same tension.  There shouldn’t be spaces between each wrap and nor should it be squidged up.  When you have filled up the 1-inch space, take note of how many full wraps you made, unwind the wraps and use the guide on the tool to tell you what weight of yarn you have.

The tool also has a hole for a strap – if you would like a strap, you’ll be able to pick one up from Fay directly here.

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A bit about Fay…

Fay is the owner/curator of Provenance Craft Co  and an independent crochet designer.  Before either of these ventures, Fay spent fifteen years of her working career in waste management, making a difference to the way that householders view waste, recycling and resources. Having caught the crochet and knitting bug at the back end of 2014, she finally found her niche.  That special cross over point in the Venn diagram where creative passion comes together with everything that she knows about resource management, sourcing policies and environmental standards.

Fay brings what she knows about resource management and sourcing to the crafting industry and aims to provide environmentally thoughtful products and ideas. Wherever possible she uses materials that are renewable, recycled, or reused with as little resource wastage as possible and sources and manufactures products that have travelled as few miles as possible to reach you, helping to reduce the Carbon Footprint of the beautiful things you buy.