Squish – Limited Edition Tops

£6.25 per 100g lot

Like many beloved big screen franchises our limited edition Squish is back – hurrah! And we’ve taken a leaf out of Hollywood’s book and added a colon into the title there, just to up the ante. Squish Two : Into the Light, Into the Dark.

Yes, that’s right Squish is back with a bang, just in time for the chilly season and speedy winter knits when you just really need results quick to stop those fingers, heads and necks going numb! We always love creating bespoke, one of a kind, limited edition specials and these sublime Squish tops (and yarny chums) are some of our favourites yet. This mixture of Alpaca and Merino is so bouncy and soft that Squish certainly suits them down to the ground.

Squish ‘Into the Light’ and ‘Into the Dark’ are two fabulously complimentary shades that work fantastically together (we can’t wait to see them in a colourwork project!) Laura decided to leave these beauties fairly unblended to allow you folks at home a bit more versatility as to how you spin them. We can imagine more heathered jots of colour being delightful if you fancied spinning from the fold. The tops also really show off the beautiful rich shades of the naturally coloured Alpaca – yum!

Composition: 60% Falklands Merino / 40% undyed Alpaca

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