Stash Cans

£60.00 - £185.00 per item (price includes delivery cost)

If you’ve ever visited us at a show or at our Mill – or seen our production photos – then you’ll be familiar with these handy tubs. We reckon they are the perfect storage solution for fibre tops and yarn. And many of you folk have been interested in purchasing them before at shows – so we thought why not order a few for you fine folks?!

These tubs are airtight and feature a hard wearing catch on the lid. Plus they are stackable, so they’ll happily nestle away in a corner of your room. We’ve decorated each one with our signature label, so you’ll be able to have a corner of our Mill in your craft nook, splendid!

The shipping price is already factored into this item, and it is completely empty – so if you fancy ordering some other goodies at the same time we’ll be able to add them to your box for no additional shipping cost… Unfortunately, box rate shipping (we have to send them via courier as they are too bulky for the postal service) can be rather costly and is different for every country!

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Height: 45cm / 17.75 inches 
 115cm / 45.25 inches
Capacity: 2 -3 kgs Fibre Tops / 4-5 kgs Yarn.

Ultra durable, varnished cardboard with recycled plastic lid and metal fastenings.