Winter Harvest Blanket – by Helena Timms


A colourful blanket of squares with a snowflake & flower lace pattern. Each square is knit in the round from the centre out, with short rows for the
corners. The blanket is then seamed with either a garter block or a knitted on border. Available in 2 sizes in 4ply or Worsted yarn, but can be adapted to
any yarn weight or blanket size. Recommended for intermediate knitters.

Finished Measurements

4ply: Small Blanket 4 x 6 (12) squares – Size 61-71cm/24-28” by 89-99cm/35-39”
Large Blanket 10 x 12 (120) squares – Size 148-165cm/58-65” by 170-191cm/67-75”

Worsted: Small Blanket 3 x 4 (12) squares – Size 61-71cm/24-28” by 89-99cm/35-39”
Large Blanket 6 x 8 (48) squares – Size 130-142cm/51-56” by 170-191cm/67-75”


4ply: John Arbon Textiles Harvest Hues, 4ply mini skeins
Small: MC – 1x 25g, CCs- 12x 25g (13 shades total = 325g of 4ply)
Large: MC – 1 x 100g, CCs – 12 x 125g (13 shades total = 1600g of 4ply)

Worsted: John Arbon Textiles Harvest Hues, Worsted mini skeins
Small: MC – 2x 25g, CCs – 12x 25g (13 shades total = 350g of Worsted)
Large: MC -2 x 100g , CCs – 12 x 100g (13 shades total = 1400g of Worsted)

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3.25mm (4ply) or 5mm (worsted) circular needles (40–60cm length for squares, and 100cm+ for border)


9 stitch markers
Tapestry needle
Tape measure
Blocking mat & pins
Larger needle for bind off (optional)
Scales that measure down to at least 1g increments (useful)

Square Size 

4ply:  Approx. 15-16cm/6-6.5”

Worsted: Approx. 21.5-23cm/8.5-9”