Getting Closer

After months of hard work, the mill move is nearly finished. Machines are assembled, and we are back in production at last. Just to catch you up, here is a look at the last few machines that were moved…


This is Mark the electrician with the spinner. The spinner has lots of complicated little electrical bits and bobs, and needs Mark’s careful attention to be taken apart and put back together again…doesn’t stop things from turning silly from time to time.


Here he is again with the spinner slightly more dissasembled.


At the same time, Matt was in the new mill, building shelving for yarn and sock storage. You will be happy to know that he finished that railing…no falling off of our storage area!


Here is James in the new mill, doing something incredibly importatnt to the coner in our upstairs mezzanine (otherwise known as the Hayward Gallery).


And since I am not particularly good at lifting or building…here is my contribution to the mill move, socks – the forklift proved to be a very comfortable spot to knit!



Up next, we’ll have to share some pictures of the new mill in action. Until then, here is a peek through our lovely new roller shutter door. It’s much tidier than this now, promise!

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