Virtual Mill Tour

Our Mill Tours are an invaluable part of what we do – those venerable old machines love all the attention folk give them (we swear it makes them run better over the following few months). For those of you unable to visit the Mill, we’ve created a virtual Mill Tour with a video of John, the founder of the Mill, ¬†proudly running each machine and a few downloadable pdfs with info on how each specific machine works. We hope you’ll find it useful having this extra insight into seeing how we create our yarn and fibre tops! The machines are rather loud, so it can sometimes be tricky to hear John (apologies) for this reason you’ll be able to find a full transcript below too.

If you would like to experience the Mill in person, you can book a Mill Tour here.

Downloadable Information

Here you will find some downloadable info detailing the different processes involved with the worsted yarn production we use. Enjoy!