How to become a John Arbon Mill Member!

As we promised, here is some more information regarding the launch of our new MILL MEMBERSHIP!
And how you can also get a chance to WIN your very own FREE Mill Membership!!!!!!!!!!!!…

To start, this is the card that you will receive if you sign up for the John Arbon Textiles Mill Membership…

member card

It is a fantastic needle gauge Membership Card and, as a Mill Member, it will be sent to you in a special new John Arbon Texitles project bag, along with a mini skien of Knit by Numbers, a button badge … and a choice of either a bag of tops OR a skien of yarn OR a pair of socks!

The launch of the Mill Membership will be at our Mill Open Weekend on the 16th & 17th of May at our Mill in South Molton, North Devon.
(Click HERE for more information on the Mill Open Weekend)…

And then, as of the 20th of May, the Mill Membership will also be available through our website, over the phone or via e-mail.

The Mill Membership will cost £25 for life. And, as well as the goody bag and Membership Card, it will allow you to visit the new Showroom at the Mill in South Molton, with a group of no less than 4 friends, by pre-arranged appointment only. Here you will be able to buy tops, yarn and socks, plus specials and one-offs and woolly related goodies, all at a discounted price! The Mill Member (card holder) will be entitled to 20% discount on anything they purchase during their trip to the brand new wondrous Mill Showroom (not usually open to the public) and those non-members in the group will be entitled to 10% discount.

The Mill Member will also be entitled to discount at any show or event and any orders they place through our website, over the phone or via the catalogue, plus special access to treat and offers … see the Mill Membership information packed page on our website for loads more info (Click HERE re: Mill Membership details)
OK, so we mentioned before that some lucky folk can WIN a FREE Mill Membership…

As we are launching the Mill Membership at our Open Weekend, we decided it was only right to give out a few free ones!
So, if you are coming, bring along with you something you have spun, knit, crocheted, felted etc etc from one of our products.
On arrival you can then register for a chance to win by simply visiting the Mill Membership table at the Open Weekend and logging yourself and your item in.
And, at the end of each day, 10 of those registered will be randomly pulled from a hat (or probably a fibre can) and will win themselves their very own free Mill Membership.

As you can tell we are very, very excited about the new Mill Membership and could waffle on for ages and ages, but will stop now cos their is yarn to be made and a Mill to polish as we hope to see lots of you at the Open Weekend…
Lots to look forward to! … tons of fibre, yarn and socks … plus buckets of tea and oodles of home-made cakes!

See you soon…
The John Arbon Team!

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