Membership secrets

Hello woolly folk!

We thought we would share some info about the goodies on the secret Mill Members web page at the moment.

One of the perks of being a Mill Member is you get first look at our new scrummy fibres and luscious yarns.

On the secret Mill Member web page we have two new wondrous tops, and two limited edition yarns, exclusive to our Mill Members.

We have a small amount remaining of the special Open Weekend Yarn, a 4ply made from our local Zwartbles sheep, blended with a dyed merino, and our local Exmoor Blueface sheep. It is available in Bluebell and Lavender.

Blue bell open weekend yarn
Lavender open weekend yarn

We also have a luxury 4-ply limited edition white yarn called Exmoor Silken, made from our local sheep, with the added pizzazz of silk.
Exmoor Silken 4 ply
Plus a small selection of tops, created by Frankie, made from dyed merino and Zwartbles … these cleverly blended tops create a beautiful earthy and rustic yarn when hand spun or felted.

The existing colours are Pomegranate and Fibrestarter.

Fibre Starter

And luckily for you, we always like to surprise, so, we have just put up a brand new Top colourway for you!

… let us introduce ‘Spinach’


All these goodies are first dibs for Mill Members, if you would like more information on Mill Membership and how to become a Member click here.

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