Stars in the Sky

You may recall this post from a few months back. I think that our love of Alpaca Supreme has only grown since then, and along with it, that shawl that Emily was knitting grew too!

Em's Shawl

It’s finally complete and the pattern is ready to be knit at last! You can buy the Stars in the Sky pattern in our online shop as well as through our Ravelry store. The beautiful alpaca supreme yarn is available here, and the grey shades that Emily used for her shawl will be back in stock as of Thursday October 17th…though wouldn’t it be lovely knit in the fawns….


Pattern details, yarn requirements and all the information you should need can be found on our website as well as the Ravelry pattern page. If you have any unanswered pattern queries please let us know, we’ll be happy help!  to Hope you enjoy!

2 Replies to “Stars in the Sky”

  1. valerie

    Lovely pattern and gorgeous yarn (i received my skeins a while ago and was coming back for more) only the steep price increase is a pity…

  2. So happy to hear that you liked the yarn and pattern. The price increase was a necessity, I’m afraid. Lots of hard work, top notch materials and care goes into all of our yarns. We do our best to keep the prices fair, but every so often an increase is unavoidable. Hope you enjoy the skeins that you bought!

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