The Move has Begun

DSC_0001 (2)

We have been chattering about moving our mill from Tiverton to South Molton for quite a while now. The move was long overdue, and in addition to cutting commuting time in half, puts us much closer to Mole Valley Farmer’s (everyone is particularly happy about this!)

The picture above is a look at our old mill, after the first few machines were taken out. It was an exciting day that required the help of three men with a winch and a Land Rover. Since our space in the old mill is below ground, John built an incredibly strong ramp to slide machines out on. It was creaking and groaning under the weight of a few pieces, but held together in the end, hooray!

Below is a big chunk of Ralph the gill box making the precarious journey up the ramp. This was a particularly heavy and difficult job, but Ralph made it out unscathed!



A view of what (and who) is doing all the pulling!

DSC_0046 (2)

Just the last few little bits rolling out. Poor old Ralph, being carried out in bits and pieces.

Meanwhile, over at the new mill, a mezzanine has already been put into place!


Appologies for the blurry image. Any day now, the mezzanine is going to become a new home to three more machines, but until then we will sit back and admire, just as it is.