there is a video about our mill!

Yes, we are all very excited…as you have likely guessed from the title of this blog…but it IS very exciting! The Arbon Textiles crew has been eagerly awaiting this video ever since the filming day a couple of months ago…john3John’s talented nephews over at Hankin Films have put together this fabulous video of a day in the life of Mole Mill. Yesterday saw all of us in the mill office, blocking out the window with a spare bit of chalk board (to create a true, cinematic environment), fresh cups of tea in hand…ready for our first viewing.

Here are a few more shots from the film of the year…

frankfingerFrankie’s finger…

spinnerthe spinner as you have never seen it before…

dodaLovely bell thing…to be hones, only John knows what this is called, but it’s lovely and we use it!

thingDrucila, turning tops into sliver!


To watch our video in all it’s glory just click here. Hope you enjoy as much as we do!

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  1. What a great video! We appreciate a lot the humanity and gears wich appear on it. We’re a mechanical teacher and a knitter and we both enjoy your video. May we ask what is the music you’ve used (great choice)?
    Best regards

  2. Very useful information. Thanks

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