Winners of the Show & Tell raffle!

As part of our bustling Mill Open Weekend on the 15/16th May this year, we invited you lovely woolly folk to bring along anything you had crafted using something we made at the Mill – be it hand spun, knit, crocheted, felted, sewn, or everything all at once!

The winners were not based on our favourites (cos lets face it, that would be all of them), but were drawn from a hat (or should I say fibre can!). So, when John & Juliet returned from their holidays we set up the special prize draw fibre can and John plucked out 10 lucky winners (there were only supposed to be 8 but we loved everyone’s entries so much we thought we would pull another winner from each day, Saturday and Sunday, to make it a round 10).

The lucky winners will win a lifetime Mill Membership which comes with a needle gauge, button badges, access to a secret web page and discount opportunities on for future purchases. However, if you are a winner and already a Mill Member, you will be receiving other treats in your goody bag.

So, without further ado…
Drum roll please…
The lucky winners are…

no.64 – Christine – A lovely cardigan made with a Alpaca and silk blend yarn
2016-05-15 13.51.34
no.44 – Isobel – A crocheted hat for a very cute toy
2016-05-14 10.40.52
no.43 – Honor – A crocheted hat for another very cute toy
2016-05-14 10.41.42
no.49 – Megan – A sunny yellow bolero
2016-05-14 12.41.54
no.61 – Judy – An intricate intarsia Alpaca Supreme cardigan
2016-05-15 11.22.25
no.46 – Susan – The beginnings of a herd of fantastic needle felted Herdwick sheep
2016-05-14 12.08.16
no.63 – Gillian – Lots of hand spun yarn, which will become a hand knit fairisle jumper
2016-05-15 13.55.11
no.48 – Christine – An array of hand spun / hand knitted yarn and shawls
2016-05-14 11.56.50

2016-05-14 11.56.20
no.59 – Russell – Hand spun, hand knit hap shawl
2016-05-15 11.14.33
no.56 – Katie – A cardigan using last years mill special yarn
2016-05-15 10.29.51

A massive congratulations to all the winners and a huge thank you to everyone for making it such a special weekend … as always, we love to see your finished wares so please feel free to share them with us!

Rightio, back to packing for WOOLFEST this Friday and Saturday (hope to see you there).

Love John, Juliet & the whole team

3 Replies to “Winners of the Show & Tell raffle!”

  1. Gillian Thomas

    Ooooh! Thank you!!!!! I had a “Members” email and then another message to expect a parcel tomorrow. I wondered what was going on. And my husband won some money in a competition yesterday which he shared with me. Guess what I will be spending it on? The yarn is rapidly turning into the jumper. I always knit woolly things in the warm weatherfor some reason.

  2. Unfortunately we weren’t able to attend the Open Weekend as it clashed with the Arts Festival in our village, but I was inspired by the blog showing all the entries and have finally started to crochet the Alpaca Supreme that I spun some time ago. The plan is to make a throw, but as I am notoriously bad at finishing items, I am making cushion sized squares, so that they might be cushion covers and I need to spin a lot more to have enough for a throw – might even have to buy some more tops!

  3. Oh well i look forward to see your cushion cover come throw 😉 the Alpaca Supreme is lovely!

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