Open Weekend Designs & Kits

As this year’s MOW specials are a collaboration with some rather fabulous designers, Emily Wessel (Tin Can Knits), Aleks Byrd, and Ysolda Teague-Long, we have knitted up some fab samples in some of their designs. It was so much fun having a little photoshoot with a few of us mill folk! All the shades these designers created are just glorious – we reckon they look even more fabulous knitted than they did in the skein/tops… Yarnadelic is made with Falklands Corriedale so it’s wonderfully soft and bouncy with a glorious range of heathered, music-inspired shades, perfect for everything from garments to accessories.

All of these designs will be available as kits when the yarn launches on the 6th July. We will not be selling any of the patterns ourselves, but will give you links for where you can pick them up online.

Click here to read all about this year’s MOW specials! The special shades of Yarnadelic will be available in both Sport (333m per 100g) and Worsted (216m per 100g).

Antler Toque by Tin Can Knits 
Sam worked this cosy hat up using one skein of Emily’s special shade, Moonage Daydream, in Worsted. Knit from brim to crown in the round it knits up in a jiffy and Sonja didn’t want to take it off. And (even better) the pattern is available for free! hurrah! 

Willowbank Shawl by Ysolda  
Donna knitted this elegant shawl using three skeins of Ysolda’s special shade, Space Talk, in Sport. A large, semi-circular shawl that’s perfect for wearing as a stealth blanket. You’ll be able to find the pattern on Ravelry here.

Saar Vest by Aleks Byrd   
Aleks knitted this stunning colourwork vest using her special shade, Dark Star, as the main colour and held it together with Pink Moon & Space Talk in the Sport. This colourwork vest is knit seamlessly in the round from the bottom up with the use of steeking and our Hels is looking rather glam in it! You’ll be able to find the pattern on Ravelry here.

Simple Sweater by Tin Can Knits    
This sweater does what it says on the tin – its the perfect simple canvas to show off a special yarn. In this case we’re showing off Emily’s glorious teal, Moonage Daydream. Knitted seamlessly from the top down, this is the perfect knit if you fancy some soothing stockinette and a classic garment which will work with anything in your wardrobe – Sophie is absolutely rocking it with her dungas! You’ll be able to find the pattern on Ravelry here.

Hilja Mitts by Aleks Byrd     
Here are some snaps of Donna helping Sonja finish her version of Alek’s brilliant Roosimine mitts. This pair uses Space Talk, Moonage Daydream and Sunflowersin my Garden, in the Sport. They’re knitted from the bottom up and Sonja had so much fun with the roosimine, its no where near as fiddly as it looks! You’ll be able to find the pattern on Ravelry here.

Kihnu Socks by Aleks Byrd     
Helena knitted these beautiful socks designed by Aleks using Dark Star and The Beautiful Ones in Sport. They’re knitted from the top down and feature some wonderfully textural and cosy colourwork. You’ll be able to find the pattern on Ravelry here.

Love Note Sweater by Tin Can Knits      
Emily from TCK made this sweater for her daughter, Neve, using just one skein of Moonage Daydream in Sport (plus a little mohair floof). Isn’t it divine? Love Note is available in all sizes from todler to adult and knitted seamlessly from the top down. You’ll be able to find the pattern on Ravelry here.

Musselburgh Hat by Ysolda       
This hat has got to be one of the most frequently knitted patterns by us Mill Folk collectively – it gets rather chilly in this building and this beauty is wonderfully cosy! Sophie is wearing one Lauren knitted in Space Talk in Sport. That pale pastel works so brilliantly with her tie-dye tee. You’ll be able to find the pattern on Ravelry here.

Bouquet Sweater by Junko Okamoto        
The moment Sonja saw Aleks’ glorious deep chocolate shade, she just knew she needed to knit herself something in it as soon as possible. This colourwork sweater by Junko had been on her list for years, so it was a real treat to finally cast it on. Not the world’s easiest knit, but she is so so overjoyed with the results. It is Sonja’s first Yarnadelic jumper and cor blimey is it soft and cosy. You’ll be able to find the pattern on Ravelry here.