John’s Mill Pub Quiz – QUESTIONS

  1. Name 2 Songs with spin or spinning in the title
  2. What is the name of our rectilinear comb? And for a bonus point what does the comb do?
  3. How long has JAT been going?
  4. What yarn uses Devon Closewool? And for a bonus point what are the names of the colours taken from A:
  5. Name 3 local Devon sheep specific breeds.
  6. What process spins short staple fibre?
  7. What process spins long staple fibre?
  8. What process does JAT use?
  9. Name 3 shades in our Alpaca Supreme range. 
  10. What are the two inspirations for Knit by Numbers range?
  11. Where do we source our Merino wool from?
  12. What are the names of our two spinning machines?
  13. What is the name of the organisation that sells and markets British Wool?
  14. Who invented the knitting machine and for a bonus which century was it?
  15. Modern knitting machines can knit seamless garments, what hand knitting technique is basis for this technology?
  16. Name 3 shows we regularly attend both in the flesh and virtually?
  17. What is a top? 
  18. What is the process called of combining spun singles together?
  19. What is the name for item we spin our yarn onto to form a single spun package?
  20. What textile industry gave birth to the term “The Kiss of Death” and for two bonus points what was the item and the name of the  disease “The Kiss of Death” referred to?
  21. In the nursery rhyme what craft does “Pop goes the Weasel” refer to. For a bonus what does “Pop goes the Weasel” mean?
  22. Why is a Tank top called a Tank Top?
  23. What general area of the UK was once considered the centre of Hoisery and Lace knitting industry. For 3 bonus points name each County this industry was in abundance?
  24. What knitted textile garment was John Arbon Textiles originally connected with?
  25. In spinning what is the direction of the yarn singles and combined singles yarn twist reffered? For a bonus point which directions of twist does JAT use in its yarn?
  26. What does a Carding engine do?
  27. What is a partially twisted narrow rope of fibre called?
  28. Name 3 members of the Mill Team?
  29. What Devon Town is our mill situated
  30. What has a village in Norfolk have to do with what we do in our Mill? 
  31. What do paper-sizes we use today have to do with sheep?
  32. How is the obsession of sending a message on modern phone or tablet connected to the art of weaving?