Alpaca Supreme Top


This top is breathtakingly soft and lustrous with sumptuous drape and shine. Ideal for spinning really fine laceweight. We are just preparing to give the colour palette a bit of a re-vamp and add some dyed shades. Please do pick up a shadecard if you’d like to see them in person. More info on exact launch date coming down the line.

Alpaca Supreme is delicately blended by John using superfine Alpaca, organically farmed Falklands Merino and A1 Mulberry Silk.

Composition: 40% Superfine Alpaca / 40% organically farmed Falklands Merino / 20% A1 Mulberry Silk

Micron: 14-21
Staple Length: 120-140mm
Handle: Super Soft
Lustre: High to Ultra

Supplied in 100g lots

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