NEW – Devon Naturals Tops

£5.00 per 100g lot

Our Devon Naturals range is a celebration of local fibre and British sheep breeds. Available in tops, 4ply, DK, mini skeins and 100g skeins, these heavenly gradients blend some of our favourite, undyed 100% traceable wool. 

Our Devon Naturals range is a curated selection of our local wool in undyed gradient shades. Alongside our blend of Exmoor Blueface and Zwartbles (previously called Exmoor Zwartbles), we have added a Grey Exmoor Blueface and Romney option as well. Each of these breeds is available separately, as well as a blended gradient of each combo so you can get the best of both!

Each blend leans into a different characteristic of the wools– the Zwartbles/Exmoor Blueface is super bouncy and robust, and the Grey Exmoor Blueface/Romney is softer and more lustrous. We hope that these lovely sheepy tops will suit a variety of projects and help you find the right blend for your heirloom pieces.

As this range is all about the sheep, we’ve kept it simple and named each as if they were our own little flock, with alliterative old timey names that bring us joy!

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Hand wash at low temperature with mild detergent

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This wool is 100% traceable back to farms in the South West, through our local British Wool grading station. We pop along once a year to have a nosy at what is coming in, and see that it meets our high standards of sheepyness and quality.

The Blends 

Zadie – 100% Zwartbles
Zoe – 60% Zwartbles/40% Exmoor Blueface
Zebedee – 30% Zwartbles/70% Exmoor Blueface
Ethel – 10% Zwartbles/90% Exmoor Blueface
Edna – 100% Exmoor Blueface

Gladys – 100% Grey Exmoor Blueface
Gertrude – 50% Grey Exmoor Blueface/50% Romney
Reggie – 20% Grey Exmoor Blueface/80% Romney
Rupert – 100% Romney