Limited Edition Enamel Pins – by Aleks Byrd


To celebrate our Mill Open Weekend shenanigans, the fabulous, Aleks Byrd has illustrated a glorious, limited edition design, inspired by our Mill Open Weekend special yarns… We loved it so much, that we just had to use it to create some fabulous enamel badges to adorn your projects and bags!

These pins are the best way to add some extra personality and decoration to your project bags, knitwear projects and jacket lapels. Aleks’ illustration, created especially for our 2024 Mill Open Weekend perfectly captures the joy and fun of our event! Aleks has used the same colour palette as our special edition yarns, each shade designed by Aleks herself, Emily of Tin Can Knits and Ysolda Teague-Long. We all love a good dance with our yarn, and since our specials are created on our Yarnadelic base, it fits the theme perfectly!

These badges are high-quality enamel pins produced in the UK and we can’t wait to see them popping up your hand-mades soon.


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This badge was created to commemorate our 2024 Mill Open Weekend, when they’re gone they’re gone!

A bit about Aleks…

Aleks Byrd is a knitwear designer with roots in Estonia, Canada, and the USA. She creates modern patterns with a connection to the past using little-known traditional techniques with a fresh twist on them for unique wearable designs that are fun and rewarding to knit for all levels of knitters. Her latest book Traditions Revisited – Modern Estonian Knits brings together her designs and teaching as introduction to Estonian knitting, both traditional and traditional-inspired In addition to knitwear design, she is an absolutely epic illustrator and we just adore her contemporary, fibre-inspired works of art.