Spinning Q&A with Amanda Hannaford and Becks of Tiny Fibre Studio

This talk is part of our Mill Open Weekend celebrations.

The world of spinning can be a complex one. Lucky for us, Amanda and Becks are on hand to answer all your burning questions! Whether you are a new spinner or a dab hand, this session is the perfect opportunity to get an answer to anything you’ve ever pondered whilst treadling or spindling away – whether it’s about the history of the craft, different kinds of wheels or certain methods of fibre preparation, they’re on hand to help.

Amanda Hannaford and Becks of Tiny Fibre Studio are our resident experts, both with considerable experience in all aspects of the craft. You can also catch them at their other classes during our Mill Open Weekend.

Becks’ Class – Spinning For Colour Using Blended Tops

Amanda’s Class – Drop Spindle For Beginners

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Location: The Courtroom, South Molton Town Hall, EX36 3AB
Time: 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Date: Saturday 8th June, 2024

For more information about our Mill Open Weekend celebrations please visit our website.

We are so looking forward to throwing our doors open and inviting you inside for our MOW celebrations!
– The Mill Folk x

Amanda’s Bio: Amanda has been spinning for about forty years, and dyeing for nearly as long. She is a member of Liskeard Spinners, Somerset, Peter Tavy and the Online Guilds and has had work selected for several Association Exhibitions. As well as teaching workshops and masterclasses around the UK and Europe she has also taught at all but two of the Association Summer Schools since 2007. She holds the National Association of Guilds’ Certificates of Achievement in spinning and dyeing, and has a City & Guilds Stage 1 teaching certificate.

website: www.mandacrafts.co.uk

Becks’ Bio: After a less-than-successful attempt to learn spinning on a drop spindle, Becks eventually dug it out of the cupboard and had another try. Within a week she found herself with a newfound obsession… and the first of many spinning wheels. An educator by trade with a background in film and television, Becks combined her professional experience and love of fibre arts in 2017 with the launch of her YouTube channel, Tiny Fibre Studio. There she shares the projects she’s working on and provides instructional content for other spinners. She also teaches in-person and online spinning classes.

website: tinyfibrestudio.com | youtube: YouTube.com/tinyfibrestudio | instagram: @tinyfibrestudio