The Annual (issue three) – Pattern Testing

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We’re really excited about the release of The Annual (issue three) which is planned for later this year. Will be great to be able to get another one out into the wild after a few years off! As you can imagine, there’s a lot of beavering away in the background pulling it all together at the mo, especially because we have six new patterns for your woolly delectation.

We think there’s something for everyone amongst these patterns, from accessory projects to larger items using yarn and fibre from across our product range. With lots of fabulous colour and a whole lot of squish to boot, whether you’re a knitter, crocheter, or spinner, there will be something to pique your creative interests.

If you can’t wait to see what’s coming and you’d like to help test knit/crochet one of the patterns, then read on! But first (as we’re rather excited about them!) we’d like to show you a glimpse of the patterns we have in store for you… Thanks to our pal Katie Green for illustrating these schematics for us!

Crochet Hap & Half Hap Shawl 
by Rosina (@zeensandroger)

Based on the traditional Scottish square hap design but brought south to Devon with inspiration from the Honiton lacemakers. Think hills and heather with beautiful, panoramic scenes.

The centre of the full hap is crocheted in Appledore lace using a simple linen stitch worked on the diagonal from corner to corner. The half hap version is crocheted in Exmoor Sock 4ply, as a triangle of linen stitch. Both feature a border of cheerful colours with a combination of classic crochet stitches such as pretty puffs and a little lacy filet and are finished with picot points.

Skills Used: increasing, decreasing, working flat and in the round, changing colours, lace

Download the Full Pattern Notes here >>

Crochet Loop Scarf 
by Fay (@faydhdesigns)

Initially conceived from the Shetland tradition of being gifted a wedding shawl so fine that you could pull it through your wedding band, this accessory is somewhere between a scarf and a cowl and is designed to pull one end through the cylinder at the other side, thereby keeping it round your neck on even the most blustery walks!

This wonderfully versatile design can be crocheted in any yarn weight (from lace through to worsted) and in any of our yarns and incorporates textured stitches that simulate traditional embroidered smocking, field tracks and herringbone patterning that link it back to our agricultural heritage.

Skills Used: working flat, lace, easy sewing

Download the Full Pattern Notes Here >>

Intarsia Shawl (knitting)
by Anna (@anna_husemann)

A modern Garter and Intarsia knitting pattern with two colour palettes inspired by the landscape of Exmoor and the seascape of the north-Devon coastline.

Knitted from corner to corner, this colourful scarf of abstract interlocking shapes is perfectly paired with our Knit By Numbers DK minis. With over 120 different shades to choose from, the only limit is your imagination!

Skills Used: working flat, i-cord, intarsia

Download the Full Pattern Notes Here >>

Marled Blanket & Wrap (knitting)
by Fabienne (@fabienne.gassmann)

These designs are knitted in simple rectangular Garter Intarsia with two strands of Appledore yarn held together throughout. The Blanket uses the Appledore DK for a wonderfully cosy chunky fabric and the Wrap uses the Appledore laceweight for something akin to a DK thickness. In both designs, three contrast colours of yarn are marled in alternating combinations to create a heathered check effect.

The results remind us of the moorland skies after rain or lichen growing on wet, shiny rock and comes together to create a wonderfully thick and cosy blanket to hide under after a country walk on a stormy day, or to wrap up with before venturing out.

Skills Used: working flat, knitting through the back loop, beginners intarsia, holding two strands together

Download the Full Pattern Notes Here >>

Colourwork Mitts (knitting)
by Marina (@marinaskua)

Inspired by the beautiful combinations of textures, motifs and muted colours of rural smocks, these knitted mitts are a contemporary take on traditional patterning.

Worked in either Devonia DK or Yarnadelic Sport, the pattern includes a collection of textured and colourwork stitches and the mitts are finished with a simple button to add a classic twist and extra snugness around the wrists.

Skills Used: working in the round, colourwork, increasing, slipped stitches

Download the Full Pattern Notes Here >>

Twisted Stitches Hat (knitting)
by Sonja (@thismustbesonja)

Knitted in autumnal shades from our Yarnadelic or Harvest Hues Worsted ranges, this hat makes a warm and cosy knit that’s perfect for keeping out the wind on a chilly winter’s day on the moors.

Beginning with a tubular cast on, this hat is worked in the round from the bottom up. The single rib brim can either be worked to a short or doubled length and texture is added to the body of the hat using twisted stitches.

Skills Used: working in the round, twisted stitches, decreasing, chart (optional), tubular cast on (optional)

Download the Full Pattern Notes Here >>

We hope you find something which tempts you from the above!

How to get involved…

If you would like to join in the fun then please complete this form (sorry, sign ups are currently closed) letting us know which pattern you are interested in testing for us. We will then send you an invite to the test space hosted by us on Slack (a free messaging platform) and an email to make it official. Please be aware that it may take us a few days to get back to you after filling in the form – we are just a small team here.

At this point you’ll have a bit of time to swatch and find out some yarn before the patterns land with you on the 2nd March. You are more than welcome to use stash (whether handspun or mill spun (our mill, or someone else’s, tis all fair game), but just in case you would like to pick out something new, then we will give you a 15% discount code when we email you.

Testing will run from 2nd March to the 31st of May, so please be mindful of this when picking your project. Some are a little larger than others! We’re happy for testers to knit/crochet more than one pattern within the time period, but to make sure that there are enough testers for each pattern, we will be asking you to rank the patterns that you are happy to make in order of preference, thanks.

Once the test is over, we will send you a questionnaire for any feedback and would love it if you could send us some photos of your finished piece for us to use, fully credited of course!

Questions and support

Dedicated JAT Slack channels will be set up for testers to discuss issues and give feedback for each pattern. These channels will be monitored by us Mill Folks, our wonderful tech editor Deb Branham of Find me Knitting, and the pattern designers so you’ll be sure to get a speedy response to any queries. There will also be a giant Slack channel for everyone to share photos of their WIPs and have a bit of a natter.

Please be aware that these patterns are still in a draft format.

Share your progress

We love seeing what folks are making and this Test is no exception. Please do feel free to share pictures of your progress on social media, using the hashtags: #jarbontextiles #JATA3

Sign ups are currently closed. Thank you to everyone who has applied!

We are so looking forward to following along with everyone’s progress and seeing those swanky new designs emerge into the world!