Fun times at Unwind

Well, it was a week ago today that John, Juliet and Emily set out for Unwind in Brighton with a van full of yarn… IMG_0870

We loved meeting knitters from all around the world…this was no Exford Show, we can say for certain! (We will be at the Exford Show in a couple of weeks, by the way…and love it too!) Emily was in her element, surrounded by lots of Canadian friends, and it was so exciting to meet knitters, dyers and designers from Finland, Argentina, Denmark, Germany, France, the US and lots of lovely friends, old and new, from across England of course, whoa!




Dani and her team did a bang up job organizing the entire affair, which seemed to go off without a hitch – we’re already looking forward to next year.

Lydia and Meghan from PomPom magazine (and their fabulous team of super cool gals) organized a bang up party on Saturday night. A knitting quiz got the evening to a great start (and featured our knit by numbers yarn) then moved into a great band and finally John’s DJ set which went late into the evening. An energetic group remained to dance the night away and enjoy the tunes…there was too much fun to be had, and we just couldn’t help ourselves! Everyone did need an extra coffee the next morning though!

After the stand was all packed up and ready to go, the team decided to take in the world cup final on the beach. It was a pretty dreamy end to a great weekend…



We enjoyed the sunset, football match and shared some donuts from the pier. It was a great reward for our hard work!

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