Mill Sale Success!

Well, after a busy week of recovering from the mill sale excitement, we have finally got round to sorting through some of our many photos. If you didn’t make it to South Molton, here’s a look at what you missed…

Photo 30-03-2014 13 13 18 (1)

james copy

…Thanks to all who visited us over the weekend. It was lovely to see familiar faces, as well as so many new folks. We had great time sharing our mill, socks cakes and sausage rolls with you. In the end, John gave over 20 mill tours! He was so pleased to see that everyone was interested in the technical side of what we do (although, if you were just being polite and waiting to get a slice of quiche, we won’t hold it against you!)

So thanks again to everyone who came to see us, especially those of you who made such long journeys (Yorkshire, Wales and more, good on ya!) We loved meeting you all and hope to see you again soon…

If you’re feeling like you missed out, we will be sharing more mill sale photos next week, so stay tuned!

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