Woolfest unpacking, Unwind packing…

Hello you wooly folks! Having just unpacked from Woolfest, we are already packing for our next show this weekend. We’re heading off to Brighton for Unwind – a brand new show, this being it’s first year!!

We are very excited and looking forward not only to unwind, but also the donuts on Brighton pier. Can’t imagine a better weekend!

In addition to our stand, Emily (the wonderful gal who works for us) will be doing a talk Sunday Morning at 10 am, on her knitting adventures in England! The talk is called ‘How to Have a Knitting Adventure’ and is inspired by her move across the pond and the ensuing series of exciting events that have occupied the past 2.5 years of her life…we’re happy to take some credit for this fun-filled chapter of her life!

If you made it to Woolfest, many thanks to those of you who visited our stand. We had a fab time at the show and it was great to chat with everyone! We also stayed in the most wonderful place with the cutest shetland ponies (how happy were we?!?!) If you didn’t get the chance to visit us in Cumbria, here’s a peek at what you missed….




There was a lot of spectacular knitwear at the show, which we loved to see! Everyone was wearing their favourite hand knits with pride! As always, we loved to see what you’ve knit with our yarn. If you can’t bring it along to a show please share with us via the interwebs (facebook, Ravelry, twitter…you get the gist).


Well that’s all for the moment. Hope to see a few of you in Brighton this weekend, otherwise our next show will be Fibre East in a few weeks time.

Happy knitting. Over and out!

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