Hi folks!

So the John Arbon big mill sale has come around fast with only 5 days to go now! So this week we are going to be as busy as very busy bee’s labelling yarn and sprucing and polishing our fantastic vintage machinery!
Spring Clean Flyer

We are really excited for you wool, fibre and yarn loving Ladies and Gents to come and see the process of spinning! Our big proud, vintage, statuesque machines create such soft wondrous things! John is looking forward to giving his mini tours, and talks forever with great gusto and warmth about yarn and his beloved machinery! He will even be fashioning his legendary Dungerdoo’s whilst giving the tours!
Chapman is one of the biggest, grandest and oldest machines we have! (No we are not talking about the pic above! Ha!) He was made in the early 1900’s. We have a protective fence around him now days but you can imagine health and safety wasn’t quite the same, way back when he was a youngster! How spooky!
Emily and I are both preparing our new patterns at the moment! Emily is on her Easter hols at the mo and staying with us in Lynton!
We look forward to seeing you all this weekend! On Friday we will be erecting the marque and setting up a handful of tables and chairs, so whatever the weather we shall all be there eagerly awaiting your arrival, probably drinking tea and sampling the cake and savoury bits Claire is making! Yum Yum!

Over and out, see you at the weekend!

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