a lovely weekend at Mole Mill

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For our first spring in the lovely new mole mill, we decided to open our doors to yarn, fibre and machine lovers alike. Having no idea what kind of a turnout to expect (for a moment there, we thought we may have spent the entire weekend eating all the cakes…not such a bad thing) we stock-piled socks and fibre in preparation and asked our fabulous friend Claire to bake a lot of cakes…just in case. You wouldn’t believe our surprise to see a gaggle of enthusiastic fibre lovers waiting for our doors to open Saturday morning…no cake for us!

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We were so happy to see that people got comfortable and settled in for the day, spinning, knitting and having a good time with friends. The sun even managed to make an appearance, which was appreciated by all!
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John’s tours were a great success and it was lovely to see that so many people were interested in our collection of antique machines…all with their own personalities. Of course, we were so preoccupied chatting with visitors that he didn’t receive so much as a cup of tea all day Saturday. We made this up to our noble leader the next day, however – never fear!
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Sara tirelessly lead the tour groups through her upstairs domain – folding, coning and skeining. Here she is demonstrating the subtle art of skeining to a tour group, with Gillian the skiner in the background. Sara, as well, did not receive enough tea…sorry Sara!Photo 30-03-2014 13 30 41 (1)
Here’s Emily, our Canadian, weighing out some tops. She may look slightly mad in the photo, but she’s alright.
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These two mill visitors won the prize for best knitwear. We loved their matching aran cardigans!!!
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A number of four legged visitors joined us over the weekend as well. Here’s Juliet having a cuddle with one particularly soppy and lovely dog!

All in all, the first sale at our new mill was a great success, we couldn’t have been happier! Hope everyone is enjoying their new socks, yarn and fibre!

Big love from all of us at John Arbon Textiles and thanks for coming!

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