Bath Christmas Market

Those of you who have received our new catalogue you will know that we are having a chalet at Bath Christmas Market. And would have also have received the 10% off flyer for anything purchased at said chalet that can be found inside the catalogue. If you haven’t had one yet, please request one HERE.

We are so excited to get snug in our chalet (number 93 in York St, near the Stall St end). We will be filling it full to the brim of all our lovely socks and making it all Christmasy.
Bath Christmas market is fantastic … loads of wonderful chalets and tasty foods. We will be coming along with loads of Seasonal Cheer to share.

Over the last few weeks we have been enjoying planning how to line the walls top to bottom with all our cosy socks! We will be bringing all our staple sock styles with us…

We will be proudly showing off our brand new re-designed and extra soft Alpaca Bed Socks in the lovely new pastel colours… this will be their very first outing. They have been revamped with more colour choices and redesigned for a more cosy fit. We also now have certain pastel colours available in size 8-10 as well as the usual size 4-7!

2010-05-03 11.48.52

PAGE 6 Alpaca Bed natural ...2010-05-04 03.49.52 CROP

To remedy cold fingers we have our Merino Wool gloves (ladies size only) they come in a range of colours with a white snowflake Fairisle pattern. The pattern and colours match perfectly with our traditional Icelandic Merino patterned lounge sock – also made with Merino wool they are perfect for wearing whilst pottering around the house as they have no added nylon.

PAGE 15 gloves ...2010-05-04 05.15.53 CROP

PAGE 14 (main) Icelandic ...2010-05-03 12.11.02 CROP

More colours have also been added to The Stanbury Walker. A robust, hard-wearing, cushion-sole Walking sock named after our local farmer who rears the very sheep (the Exmoor Blueface) that provide the fleece we use to make the yarn to knit the socks! The new colours are autumnal and rustic to compliment the brighter existing colours.

PAGE 5 (main) Stanbury Walker ...2010-05-03 10.00.08 crop2

PAGE 5 (insert) Stanbury Walker ...2010-05-03 12.05.24 crop2

We will also be bringing many of our other staple sock styles … like the everyday Alpaca Dress socks and Alpaca Loose Top socks, plus the extra comfy Alpaca Walking socks and thermally knitted uber warm Alpaca Terry Loop socks

PAGE 9 Alpaca Dress ...2010-05-04 07.58.12 CROP

PAGE 4 Alpaca Walking ...2010-05-03 05.25.51 CROP

2010-05-03 06.00.43 crop2

The Market runs from the 26th of November to the 13rd of December. And you will find us at chalet number 93 for the whole duration. We will only be bringing a small range of yarn and shadecards with us, however you can view these and place an order (which will be posted out with free p&p) with Frankie who will be manning the stand for most of the duration.

We look forward to sharing some festive fun with you if you fancy a visit!

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