Change afoot…

We would like to welcome Kim Kearney (of Town End Yarns in the Lake District), into our sock fold.

As of the 1st February 2018 we pass our sock mantle to Kim for her to nurture and expand.

Under the name of Arbon Socks, Kim will work closely with us to continue to supply all our regular styles. Meanwhile, John will carry on sourcing fibre and spinning the unique specialist sock yarns at our Mill in Devon. Whilst together, John and Kim will improve on existing socks and develop new styles, producing an exciting and comprehensive luxury Arbon Socks range.

We know Kim will take on and move forward with our British-made luxury sock range, adding her years of yarn and animal breeding experience into the mix.

And, with Kim at the sock helm, we (John, Juliet, Mill and Shop folk) will be able to ensconce ourselves even further into all things woolly at our specialist small scale worsted mill (one of only a handful still operating in the UK). Here, deep in the heart of North Devon, we design, develop and make all our glorious yarns and splendid fibre tops.

So, for more info about Kim and Arbon Socks, go to (or click here).


And for further details about all our sumptuous Yarn ranges and our luxury fibre Tops, as usual go to John Arbon Textiles (or click here).


Thank you for your continued support and encouragement as Kim, John and Juliet look forward to working closely together in pastures new.

6 Replies to “Change afoot…”

  1. Jennifer

    Sadly, my fondness for your socks must draw to an end since the new owner doesn’t ship to North America. I find that sad and confusing since you seemed to ship socks and yarn to me without issue before and its ever so puzzling that socks can now be shipped to Peru and Singapore but not Seattle especially since other British manufacturers ship here. I wish you the best and I guess I’m off to find new socks.

  2. Jean Kreiseler

    Hi John and everyone
    We are hoping to attend your Open Day in May. John, I have worn your socks all year round, and twice a year on safari in Botswana, since I bought a couple of pairs in your shop a few days after you opened. Jennie, my daughter, and I wandered in when staying in Lynton, had a great chat with you, and went away with what were to turn out to be essential footwear for me ever since! How Arbon Socks have progressed since then!
    Looking forward to meeting you again in May, when I hope I will be with a new convert to your socks..

  3. Thats fab to hear! Thank you 🙂 Arbon Socks all over the world! And we hope you loved Lynton.

    See you in May!

  4. Hi Jennifer,

    Thank you for your feed back about the shipping. Luckily i think the issue has been resolved, and they are now shipping world wide! 🙂

    Best wishes,

  5. Geoffrey Tett

    Somehow I missed all emails/mail from you for 2018.
    Any chance of recieving copies?

  6. Hi Geoffrey, Thanks for getting in touch. As you can see from the post above, we’ve sold our sock business. Which means we are now doing our catalogue a little differently… the updated one will be jam packed with new features and articles, but it’s not coming out until next spring (thanks for your patience, if you’re waiting!). Kim, however, has just sent out her socks catalogue. if you don’t yet have a copy of this, then please head to her website to request a copy:


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