Happy Wovember wool lovers!

With each November, comes Wovember … and Wovember is about celebrating all things WOOL.

Instigated by designers Kate Davies and Felicity Ford, the movement celebrates real wool, whilst highlighting the misuse of the term wool in product labeling – campaigning for clear and non misleading terms, such as wool rich, and adopting clear and concise compositions.

At John Arbon Textiles we love to use pure wool. There is no substitute for it. We produce lovely knitting yarns and fibre for spinning, felting and other crafts from wool. We also have our sock range using yarn we spin, made here in the UK. Our production concept is simple – a return to old style textile manufacture sustainably sourcing raw fibre locally wherever possible and converting it in Britain into high quality tops, yarns and textiles.

We support our local community by using the Exmoor Blueface Sheep fleece in some of our hand knit yarns – Excelena, a yarn created by John and used by designer Susan Crawford and our Exmoor Sock yarn, and 3 of our sock ranges – the hard-wearing, cushion soled Stanbury Walkers, the everyday Exmoor Socks, and the knee-length Exmoor Country Hose. We also use our local Zwartbles sheep in a few of our yarns!

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We are very passionate about the cause, and endeavour to raise awareness of why wool is good. You can find out more information about Wovember and read the numerous wool posts covering every aspect of the wool market here.

Louise from KnitBritish is doing a fabulous swatch along, where by you are invited to knit swatches using 100% British single breed yarn. Knit a swatch, and give it some rigorous testing.

British wools have so much character, bounce and depth to them. The natural tones are so exciting and can be mottled and full of depth, which makes them amazing for hand dying or crafting in natural shades.




You can find yarns spun by us using British fibre at our specialist worsted mill in south Molton

Exmoor sock
Harvest Hues

Or if you are a spinner / felter or other crafter and want to get crafting British for Wovember, we have a number of single breed and blended Tops made from British wool including


Exmoor Blueface
Exmoor Horn
Scottish Down Cross
Exmoor / Zwartbles

Have fun experimenting with different fibres and embrace all wool!

Happy Wovember!

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